Sunday February 7, 2016

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MPTF utilizes two professional advisory groups who help support MPTF's goals.

Professional Advisory Network
Professional Advisory Network (PAN) is a membership based group of professional advisors including business managers, CPAs, wealth managers, and entertainment and estate planning attorneys who have clients in the entertainment industry. They serve as MPTF emissaries to their clients by providing information about MPTF's programs, services and charitable mission. For more information click here.
Professional Advisory Council
Professional Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of selected volunteer professional advisors who not only serve as emissaries and support MPTF's charitable mission, but are called upon to consult on issues and opportunities under consideration by MPTF's leadership. For more information on who PAC is, click here.
Charitable Tax Reference GiftLaw Pro is a complete charitable giving and tax information service inside the GiftLaw website...
Deduction Calculator The GiftLaw Calculator is a planned gifts calculator for professionals that follows the IRS format. Run charitable deduction calculations for your favorite gift plan...

Douglas J. Corbin. CSPG
Senior Gift Planning Advisor
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